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[[ milliways, upstairs ]]


[ halos and horns ]

It's too damn still in Ben's room.

(but it's not the stillness, it's the emptiness)

Which is why he finds himself outside Esfir's door, knocking quietly.

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There are many bad things about having a heightened metabolism. One of them was that alcohol got processed so much faster. It had only been a few hours since she'd seen Katya, but Esfir was already fighting off the backstages of her hangover. Which explains her expression when she opens the door, an expression that changes to something sharper and worried.

"Come in," she says, letting the door swing open. "What's wrong?"
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"No." She shuts the door behind him and leans against it, nursing her glass of water. "But when you look like that, Venya, something is wrong."
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"Hungover. When Weyland brought me back, he decided to...tinker. Improve the original. I heal a lot faster now, because my metabolism is sped up. But it means I get drunk a lot faster, and so I run through the hangover a lot faster."


"It's a bitch."


"And I saw Katya - Katerina Barlowe - downstairs before. So, there was vodka."

Not that Esfir has ever needed an excuse.
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Esfir is silent for a moment.

"Better than before. Not so an awkward, startled rabbit. But, honestly? She...she spoke worse than before. Before, it was proper grammar along with her accent and how you speak. But now, it was all...bad. As if she...wanted to be someone different."


"Which is also like before, just after she came back after doing those things. You saw her then, yes? All cold and lady-like? Same thing, but different way of doing it."
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"No, she was like that before. I meant...well, obviously she is different. I mean different from before I was killed. She's mean through things, it changes you and you can't go back. But she's...

She's trying to be different. Like, like she's been told 'when you are bad, this is how you act'. It's not really a natural change."
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"You walked into my room wearing your boots. And I didn't notice. Off, now, Ben. By the door." She shifted and drained the glass.

"I...I'm going to fill this up. I'll be back."

Moving carefully, she padded over to the bathroom and filled up the glass again. Instead of moving back into the room, she sat down in the doorway with one bare foot on the cool tiles.
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"In the draw over there, there should be a packet of plain biscuits. Just throw them over. Please?"
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Gamely, she resists the urge to giggle. More from her hangover than any thought for his feelings, though.

"Yes. Crackers."
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Ah, food. Plain, simple, crunchy, food.

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"Because I'm trained," she says slowly, watching him carefully. "It's part of the training. Bad pilots don't last long."
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Her eyes sharpen.

"Yes," she says, softly. "Yes, that's it."
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Esfir sighs, picks herself up off the floor and walks over to the bed. Putting the crackers and glass down on her bedside table, she crawls next to him.

"You'd rather still be guessing?"
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There you go, then.

She's silent for a moment, and then, "anything we can do?"
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"Well. At least you're honest, Venya,"
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"No," she says, and pokes him in the ribs.
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"You sound so sincere when you say that, too."
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"Oh. Yes. Very lucky." But her voice is muffled by his body, and she's wriggled closer, and that counters the sarcasm somewhat.
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It's hard to pause when one is already still, but she manages.

"...not in these circumstances, no..."
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Esfir lifts her head.

"...there are so many things I could say to that, I don't know where to start."
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"I'm sure you are about to tell me."
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"I'll be brave."