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[[ bisbee, arizona ]]


[ after a departure, a funeral and a promise ]

A familiar horse gallops from the Evans ranch as Ben approaches.


He entertains the thought of going after the man, just to give him one more scare, but he's got something more important to do.

He's got a delivery to make.

"Wanted you to have this."

The words are careful, deliberate. He's not saying who, exactly.

Alice glances at the stack of cash on the edge of the dinner table, then studies him with unreadable eyes for a long minute.

"Mister Wade?" Mark's rough, teeny voice breaks in. "You stayin' for supper?"

Ben's still looking at Alice as he shakes his head.

"No, son. Best be gettin' on."

"That's right," Alice says quietly. "Mister Wade's a busy man."

He doesn't expect the handshake he gets from William.

Doesn't expect to see Milliways when he opens the door to leave, either.