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[[ milliways, upstairs ]]


Ben's settled in the armchair in his room, head bent over his sketchbook.

This is a little harder without a certain Russian pilot in the room for comparison, but so far, he's making do.
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It's...been a day, day here meaning 'twenty-four hours'.

This is not entirely why Ben gets a familiar knock on the door and a 'Venya, you in?' (she does, obviously, seeks his company for its own sake), but it accounts for that knock happens now.
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(books are made for littering places, as far as Esfir is concerned)

He gets a small smile back, and ignore the tiredness, Ben.

"Thank you," she says, gratefully.
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Raising an eyebrow slightly, Esfir obediently shuts her eyes.

"Should I...hold out my hand, or just keep eyes closed?"
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She opens her eyes. She looks. She opens her mouth.

"You...drew me."
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Very slowly, Fira starts to smile. Slow, but utterly delighted.
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It widens into a grin.

"You have good eyes."
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She links an arm around his waist and leans into him.

"I stayed up most of last night babysitting Kate."
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"She was drunk enough that I thought it would be good idea for her to have company."

Company that is friend and female and not likely to take bullshit.
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"She was angry." Beat. "Planning to talk to her once the hangover's died and I'm not so much like a zombie."
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"...undead person. More undead than me.There is a song about it."
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"Only a little bit." She stands up on her tiptoes, tugs him down slightly and kisses the corner of his mouth. "I'll be better company in a couple hours."

But now, sleep.
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"Ah-huh." And with that, she crawls into bed. Like any good soldier, she's asleep within moments.

And, like any good soldier, she wakes up in exactly two hours.
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"Mrrmm." It's more of a groan than an endearing moan or whimper. For a moment, Esfir just lays there with her face in the pillow. Then she nods, rolls over and rubs at the back of her head.

"I feel more alive."
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She thinks about that.

"No, I want to go and catch Katya while she's too hungover to run away."

Beat. An amused glance.

"Then...I could come back."
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"Then I will."