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[[ hands like a gunslinger ]]



A dented tin can falls.


And another.


And another.

Ben's at the practice range.


He's having a good morning -- or, at least, his aim and depth perception are. Sneaking up on him isn't exactly advisable, but he'll say good morning to anyone who wanders up.

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The periodic bang sounds are of great attraction to Charlie. Namely because he wants to know what the hell they are.

Now that he's found the source, he's standing watching with a raised eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

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Charlie just looks at him for a moment, flicking glances between the I don't know what that is but it looks dangerous gun and Ben. "Morning. And I have no idea."

He finds the gun interesting. If only for the fact that he can't identify it.

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Charlie glances at the dented tin cans. It looks like someone took a mini-blaster to them, and didn't exactly hold back.

"Sure." A fast grin to mimic Ben's own crosses Charlie's face. "If you feel like teaching."
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Charlie gives it a look somewhere between amusement and considering wariness, making a slight sucking sound of air between his teeth.

"Right." Curious--he's never seen one like this, except on one or another cowboy's hip, in the bar--he takes it, surprised at the weight. "Christ. For being small, it's heavy."

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This speech might have been better listened to before you gave him the gun, Ben. Because right now he's looking at it from all angles--and finding into the barrel the most interesting.

At least he can claim he really didn't know better. For a while. It takes him a minute to process the words, and cock his head, still not looking up, to ask, "What's dynamite?"

He'll save 'why would I be shooting anyone in the foot' till later.

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Charlie's eyes flick sideways at Ben, curious at the very sudden change of tone. But he obeys the command, turning the gun around in his hands. It's heavier than the one he was given in that fucked-up battlefield months ago, but looks...not too different, really.

He puts that thought out of his mind, really not wanting to go back to that. Really. "I wasn't going to..." The curiously raised eyebrow still is, wondering why Ben's being so still.

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"Oh no, I know it can kill me. I've been shot before, albeit not with one like this..." Charlie's still studying the gun, but now has to wonder how he didn't shoot himself by accident in that strangely color-obsessed war.

Might've been because he was a bit too busy shooting everyone else. "But I wasn't going to pull the trigger. Are they really that temperamental?"

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"A couple months ago," he says casually, shrugging. "Four times, in the abdomen, but with nothing like one of these. And I'm supposing that gives me a good reason to get comfortable with this, then."

He tests the feel of it in both hands, before deciding on the right; it feels less awkward there. "Strange. You shoot it the same way, for all of them? Point and squeeze?" He got the crash course from the irritable man in the ugly blue jumpsuit, quite a while ago.

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Charlie would show him, but....Guppy used a skin fuser, so there's no scar. It hardly hurts anymore, either. Maybe Guppy has X-rays. He didn't ask, at the time.

"Ah, so it is as simple as I was told." He watches Ben cock the hammer back and knock one of the cans off, intently studying Ben's hand around the gun. "All I've ever shot was people. They're tricky to aim at, when they move."

The big guy he'd actually shot more than once, though--the one that broke his neck with that punch--he was easy.

Charlie mimicks Ben's actions, pulling the trigger with only a small recoil from the sound. Having braced his arms for a kick, the gun doesn't waver too much; it still clips the next can over, spinning it off the stand. "Has a punch."

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"Mmmm, I think two. If we don't count Will." He steps apart a little wider, firing again, though he misses the next can. "He was an accident, strictly speaking....I didn't know it was him."

He fires again, and the bang takes him by surprise again, but he does hit the tin can square-on this time. He smiles at that.

"Mostly I used the butterfly knife I was given, I knew how to work it better."

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Charlie shooting and talking about using a knife is less surreal than actually watching him get into a fistfight, trust us, Ben. "If I don't knock myself on my ass with this thing, probably."

He tries again, though with one hand, and has to change his posture. (Unsurprisingly, he stands very straight. Almost ballet. Ask at your own risk.) "And how long have you been shooting one of these?"

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Another bang, and the last can falls off into the grass with a resounding thunk. "This would be my....third time firing a gun."

Ben can ask any number of things for details; as long as it's not too emphatic on how he got shot. "Wow. Four years old." Color Charlie impressed.

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"What, can I keep this one?"

He thinks in the long run that might cause him a few problems, though. "Or at least borrow it?" He smiles hopefully; he likes being praised, like any sane person, and finds Ben good company.

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Charlie smiles. "Iced, then. I'll keep practicing with this, till I can at least come near you."