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[[ tombstone ]]


Ben's more than a little sorry he poked fun at the Lieutenant when she suggested a trip to Canyon Diablo.

Now, the thought of getting out of the bar -- space to ride, space to breathe -- couldn't be more welcome.

(Even if it is to see a giant hole in the ground; Esfir's clear excitement alone is worth the week-long ride.)

He adjusts his hat on his head and swings open the Front Door in Milliways; just beyond is a saloon at the edge of Tombstone, Arizona.

"After you, Lieutenant."
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On the down side, he is holding the door open for her. On the plus side, he called her 'Lieutenant' and is taking her to Canyon Diablo.

She'll let it slide.

Stepping through, Esfir automatically steps out of the way for him and scans the room. She's been in bars before, but this is...different. Very, very different. A hundred years and another country different, in fact. Given she's dressed like Ben - boots and trousers, waistcoat over long sleeves and a coat over that - she's by far the most clothed woman in the room.

Of course, given she's dressing like the men, the fact that she is a woman herself isn't that obvious.

(she's grateful for that)
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Ben can feel entirely free to say something now.

He isn't going to, is he?


Stiffly, voice low and accent thicker than normal, "Morning."
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'Yazy' comes along. And you see that face? That is the face she perfected in the Soviet Union, the bland-neutral-show-nothing face of someone who has a lot to hide.

(In this case, something rather close to shock and outrage)
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Despite Esfir's love for the wide steppes in the part of Russia she (calls) called home, and despite her grandfather living on a farm, Esfir is a city-girl through and through. Horses are...horses. Some are bigger than others, some are prettier.

Bargaining she knows, but most of what Ben and John debate and argue about goes straight over her head.

What this means is that when she rides out of the town, all she really knows is that Ben's horse is so dark a brown to be black, and more of a prancer compared to her own horse, which is a nice soft tan-gold-brown with lighter mane and tail.

Not that she minds. She quite likes this horse.
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This kind of riding is hard than in the Bar, and she's damn sure that by night, her legs are going to be making her pay in the most passive-agressive way possible, but...

She grins at him.

"I'm oke."
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Esfir raises her eyebrows at him before her attention goes back to where the horse is going.

"I look good?" She repeats, curiously.
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She flicks her hat up slightly and glances at him.

"And I thought you'd be commenting on my boots."
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Did...he just...?

Feeling a little confused (or rather, more than a little), she urges her own horse into a canter and follows him out.