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[[ diablo: population -2 ]]


[ "ready to go visit your big hole in the desert?" ]

They spend a long damn time looking at Esfir's crater -- not that Ben minds. He doesn't know if he's ever seen her this still.

It's well past mid-afternoon when they clamber down and return to the horses.

"Y'know, you handled yourself awful well in town, Lieutenant," he says once they're in the saddle and heading southwest with no real destination in mind. "Diablo's meaner'n Dodge City and Tombstone put together."

A beat.


Another beat.

"Reckon it depends on my whereabouts at the time."
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She tilts her head up to glance at him from under the brim of her hat.

"With you being in town, or out?"
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"They do." Her eyes were sharper now. "I didn't notice. Not good man, but few are. You are good to me."
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She meets his gaze for as long as she dares, given the terrain.

"I know. But, you say things about being rotten, I am going unsure about what you mean."
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Well, that's easy enough to answer.

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Sorry, Ben, you are getting a puzzled frown from the Russian pilot.
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That gets a snort.

"This is important?"
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"I know, Ben. I don't care."
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"I think I say that."
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"What you meant by saying that you are rotten. And, why. Because, it sounded a bit like you were trying to say I shouldn't be around you. Because you are bad."
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"Yes. But, maybe not how you think. I judge what he does to me, to my friends. His friends and family. But, I am used to different rules. Different society, and how I judge is...well, it's different because of that. So, I know you do bad things, but where I come from, everyone does. We have-had to. No point in using them, just how someone acts to you."
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Esfir had to look back at their path, but when she could, she turned to regard him for a long moment.

"Oke," she says, softly. "I believe you."
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"I am." Beat. "But not to family, not to friends. Then, I tell the truth."
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As do her own.

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"Well," and her lips are fighting a pleased (smug) smile as she watches the road, "good."